To notarize your diploma, we ask that you send a copy to by email or 314-935-4268 by fax.  When sending a copy of your diploma, please include instructions on where we are to send the notarized document to, including the Secretary of State’s Office.

There is no fee for this service and please allow two business days for the notarization to be completed.  We will send by regular USPS mail, unless the student has paid for an expedited service (FedEx, USPS, or UPS).

For those needing an apostille, please make arrangements with the Secretary of State’s Office regarding payment, as they charge for this service.  The Office of the University Registrar is not involved in the payment process.  When needing an apostille, please include a cover letter that includes the Secretary of State’s full address, instructions for the Secretary of State and any other arrangements you have made with that office.  That cover letter will be sent with the notarized document.