SIS is a very rich database and a great resource to the university community for describing and understanding our students, courses and programs of study. The services of the Office of the University Registrar are available to university administrators needing student data or help with data analysis.  That said, the student record data maintained in the Student Information System at Washington University is also highly confidential and access is regulated in accordance with the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and university policy.

A Job Request form (PDF) is available to help communicate specific needs to our office, but individuals requesting assistance may also contact either the University Registrar or the Assistant University Registrar for Data Analysis directly.

Student organizations and individual students interested in obtaining data from SIS will need to work through their group advisor or course instructor.  The Office of the University Registrar makes every attempt to be responsive to student requests with the understanding that the privacy of the individual student and the confidentiality of student records in general is of primary concern and will not be compromised.  Policy guidelines for student organizations requesting information have been developed jointly by the Offices of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, the Student Affairs Program Directors, and the University Registrar with this in mind.