WashU Course Evals

The Washington University Course Evaluation system is jointly maintained by the Office of the University Registrar and each participating school/program. Below you will find information about how to navigate the system. Scroll down to find additional help and contact information.

Evaluation Tasks


Students, are you ready to complete your course evaluations? Instructors, are you ready to add personalized questions, view response rates, or access personalized reports? Click the dashboard link below to access all course evaluation tasks:

Log in to your Course Evaluation Dashboard


Evaluation Results


I’m an instructor. How do I access my eval results?

Specialized reports for instructors, chairs, and administrators are available after logging into the Course Evals Dashboard above.

I’m a student or advisor looking for public eval reports.

General Access to Evaluation Results


I need to access course eval results prior to Summer 2016.

Access Archived Evaluation Results (prior to SU16)


Evaluation Help


I’m having technical issues or have additional questions.

Please contact the WashU Course Evals Team at evals@wustl.edu. You are also welcome to contact the appropriate school/program eval administrator as outlined below. Users in the School of Arts & Sciences are encouraged to first contact their department administrator.

School Contact Email Phone
Brown School Sue Imhoff sdimhoff@wustl.edu 314-935-7983
College of Arts & Sciences Jennifer Kohl jkohl@wustl.edu 314-935-4938
Graduate School of A&S Angela Wilson angela.wilson@wustl.edu 314-935-3521
Law School Jackie Thomas thomas.j@wustl.edu 314-935-5821
McKelvey School of Engineering Laura Setchfield laura.setchfield@wustl.edu 314-935-8078
Olin Business School Terry Wirtel wirtel@wustl.edu 314-935-6326
Sam Fox School Cris Baldwin crisbaldwin@wustl.edu 314-935-4761
University College Amanda Mueller amanda.mueller@wustl.edu 314-935-6720

Program Contact Email Phone
MD Program Katie Nymberg knymberg@wustl.edu 314-286-1062
Applied Health Behavior Research Karen Childress childress@wustl.edu 314-362-0916
Audiology and Communication Sciences Rene Miller millerrp@wustl.edu 314-747-0103
Biostatistics Kim Freels kfreels@wustl.edu 314-362-1384
Clinical Investigation Sara O’Neal saraoneal@wustl.edu 314-454-8936
Institute for Informatics Andrea Krussel krussela@wustl.edu 314-273-1676
Occupational Therapy Shannon Eckhoff eckhoffs@wustl.edu 314-286-1616
Physical Therapy Alice Samatmanivong samatma@wustl.edu 314-286-1401
Population Health Sciences Blanka Hodzic bhodzic@wustl.edu 314-286-0881
Rehabilitation and Participation Sciences Abby King abigailking@wustl.edu 314-286-1619



Below are some Frequently Asked Questions for both faculty/staff and students.

You will be sent a system-generated email when any course evaluation task or report becomes available. You can also access your eval tasks and reports anytime via the Course Evals Dashboard. Click the Log in to your Course Evaluation Dashboard button above. Then enter your WUSTL Key.
Evaluations are administered on a rolling basis throughout the semester. An evaluation for a given course will typically open the Monday prior to the last day of class. End dates/due dates for evaluation tasks are displayed on the Course Evals Dashboard. If you have questions about the evaluation period for a specific course, please contact evals@wustl.edu.
Virtually all Washington University schools and programs use WashU Course Evals. For a list of participants see the eval administrator listing above. Please note:

– The Olin Business School does not administer online course evaluations for students, but instructor and school level evaluation reports are available through the system.

– The MD program on the medical campus uses the same online evaluation system, but evaluations are administered by the Office for Medical Student Education. For more information about MD course evals, please contact OMSEsurveys@email.wustl.edu.

To students: Because your feedback is so critical to improving the learning community at Washington University, there is no formal way to opt out of course evaluations.

To instructors: The decision to evaluate a course is typically made at the school/program level. Courses such as independent study, internship, etc. may be excluded from course evaluations. Please contact the appropriate school/program eval administrator if you have questions about a specific course

Yes. Question Personalization should be available for all courses being evaluated. QP is not offered for midterm evals. As an instructor, you will be notified via email when QP opens for your course(s). For more information, instructions, and additional FAQs please view/download our How-To Guide:
Instructions for Question Personalization (pdf)
Response rate monitoring should be available for all courses being evaluated. We call this access Subject View Management. Instructors and administrators will be notified via email when SVM opens for a course. For more information, instructions on response rate monitoring, and additional FAQs please view/download our How-To Guide:
Instructions for Subject View Management (pdf)
Students can link to their course evaluations via the link provided in their invitation email. They can also access course evaluations anytime at evals.wustl.edu or through WebSTAC.
The Office of the University Registrar generates aggregate feedback reports that include both numeric and comment-based feedback. Individual student identifiers (e.g., names, IDs) are in no way attached to evaluation responses within these reports. Reports are prepared and distributed within a hierarchy that allows higher level users access to all reports in their area.

– Course Instructors and Assistants
– Departmental/Program Directors and Administrators
– School Administrators and School Deans

The numeric feedback for select schools/programs is also available at evals.wustl.edu. Access is WUSTL Key protected.

Yes, course evaluation responses are kept confidential. The Office of the University Registrar will report only aggregate feedback and will never include the source of individual responses on any report distributed at any level.

The matching of respondent names to eval responses can only be done by system administrators. Access to this information is an involved process requiring several levels of approval and would only be done in extreme cases (e.g. threats of violence). Instructors and department level administrators cannot match names to eval responses.

Course evaluation reports for end-of-term course evaluations are not distributed until the deadline for final grades has passed and all evaluation periods have closed. The final evaluation period for a given semester may include courses ending after the last day of the regular session.

Course evaluation reports for midterm course evaluations are typically distributed the Tuesday after midterm evals close. Please note, not all schools/programs participate in midterm evals.

To instructors: You will receive email notification when reports become available.

To students: The numeric feedback for select schools/programs will be available at evals.wustl.edu after all other reports have been distributed. This will only include end-of-term evaluations.

Course evaluation reports no longer have a respondent threshold. This means reports are generated without regard for the number of responses or the response rate. You may see threshold not met on reports generated prior to Summer 2018.
The university transitioned to a new course evaluation system over the Summer of 2016. For the foreseeable future, we will maintain older results in our prior system. The link above will take you to the prior eval system.
Please contact the Course Evals Team at evals@wustl.edu. You are also welcome to contact the appropriate school/program eval administrator as outlined above. Users in the School of Arts & Sciences are encouraged to first contact their department administrator.
Legitimate course evaluation emails will always be addressed from The WashU Course Evals Team (evals@wustl.edu) and include a WashU logo at the bottom. You may also receive emails from an instructor sent directly from the eval system. If you are uncomfortable clicking on the email link, you can always access your evaluation tasks via the Course Evals Dashboard above.
The WashU Course Evals Team includes system administrators in The Office of the University Registrar as well as school/program level staff from all participating areas. We are invested in promoting course evaluations at WashU. We encourage participation in the process and constructive use of eval feedback by instructors, departments, schools, and at the university level.