The work of the Office of the University Registrar is complemented by services provided by academic offices across the Washington University in St. Louis campus.

College of Architecture and the Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design in the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts
General office: 314-935-6200
Registrar’s office: 314-935-6205
Location: Bixby Hall 1H

College of Art and the Graduate School of Art in the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts
General office: 314-935-6500
Registrar’s office: 314-935-4761
Location: Bixby Hall 1F

Arts & Sciences
General office: 314-935-6800
Dean’s office: 314-935-6840
Location: Cupples II Hall 104

Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
General office: 314-935-6880
Dean’s office: 314-935-6843
Location: Cupples II Hall 204

Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis
Location: Hillman Hall 150

Olin Business School
General office: 314-935-6315
Dean’s office: 314-935-6326

McKelvey School of Engineering
Registrar’s office: 314-935-6100
Location: Lopata Hall 303

Washington University School of Law
General office: 314-935-6400
Dean’s office: 314-935-4610
Location: Anheuser-Busch Hall

Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis
General office: 314-362-6848
Location: Bernard Becker Medical Library, Suite 220
Office of the Registrar at the School of Medicine

Summer Sessions
General office: 314-935-6700
Director’s office: 314-935-6754
Location: January Hall 100

University College at Washington University
General office: 314-935-6700
Dean’s office: 314-935-4806
Location: January Hall 100