The Bulletin is Washington University’s official record of undergraduate and graduate academic programs, requirements and policies, and it is a publication of the Office of the University Registrar. It also includes information about admissions, academic regulations and student services. The degree requirements and policies in the Bulletin for a specific academic year apply to students who begin a program at Washington University that year.

This publication is used by many different populations, including current and prospective students, faculty and staff, and the university’s accreditors. It is considered best practice to store program requirements in the Bulletin and then to link into the Bulletin from other websites to eliminate duplicate content.

The Bulletin differs from school and departmental websites in that it has a year-long publication cycle; it is published each year on July 1. Other university websites can be updated at any time, but the Bulletin has deadlines, and there is a final draft that is archived each year.

Editing the Bulletin

During scheduled times, updates to the Bulletin are made for the upcoming academic year. (For more information, please see the Bulletin Publication Timeline [PDF].) Authorized users from all schools and departments are required to review their assigned content annually. Please email the Bulletin editor if access changes are needed.

Washington University uses the Catalog (CAT) module of the CourseLeaf curricular management software by Leepfrog Technologies to organize, edit and publish the Bulletin. CourseLeaf is used to create the necessary pages and then to track those pages through a series of approvers to make sure that all information is accurate and current.

For additional information and training videos, please visit the Bulletin User Guide. Note that you will need to log in using your WUSTL Key. Below you will find links to a detailed user manual and two visual guides for using CourseLeaf CAT:

Importing Courses into the Bulletin

A separate but also very important part of updating the Bulletin each year is the course import. CourseLeaf imports course information from the WUCRSL Curriculum file so that course descriptions and details can be displayed in various ways throughout the Bulletin.

WashU IT works with Leepfrog to import the courses from the FLXXXX Curriculum file (or the YRXXXX Curriculum file for the School of Medicine courses), and then the Bulletin editor and the page owners make sure that the courses appear correctly within the catalog.

It is up to the page owner to check the WUCRSL Curriculum file to be sure that the correct courses will be imported. There is a report file that shows what courses will be included as part of the import; instructions for how to access and use this file and what to do if changes are needed will be sent out prior to the multiple imports that occur as part of the Bulletin publication cycle.

The following document tells you more about that process:

Contact the Bulletin Editor

Jennifer Etling Gann

Publications Editor, Office of the University Registrar or (or via Microsoft Teams)