The academic programs of study at Washington University in St. Louis are administered by seven schools:  Arts & Sciences, the Brown School, the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts, the John M. Olin School of Business, the McKelvey School of Engineering, the School of Law, and the School of Medicine.

Within the schools are various divisions of undergraduate and graduate study.  SIS utilizes division codes to identify these areas of undergraduate and graduate study in the schools.   Enrollment and statistical reporting at the university typically reflects these divisions.

Academic programs are similarly coded in SIS relative to the division in which the program is offered.  A Major Program (MP) Code is associated with each individual degree, major, minor, and non-degree program.  MP Codes are generally used for administrative identification and classification of programs, and are not displayed on the student’s official transcript.

Also within the schools are various academic departments and associated codes, most commonly used with course numbers to identify those courses offered by/through a given department.  Course department codes are seen in the university’s Course Listings and on the student’s course schedule and official transcript.

Course data is maintained in the SIS database (WUCRSL) by Curriculum, Semester and Section.  Generally speaking, the Curriculum file represents all course offerings and is reflected in the current Bulletin for that school.  The Semester file includes only those courses which are offered for enrollment in a given semester; Semester file data includes course descriptions, course attributes, grading options, and associated subsection/lab requirements.  The course Section file contains detail on each individual section, lab, subsection, and/or discussion group for a given course in a given semester.  Class meeting days and times, building and room location, and instructor/TA data are maintained at the Section level.