Danforth Campus Students, Parents & Alumni

Current and former Washington University in St. Louis Danforth Campus students who need verification of their enrollment or degrees may obtain a Verification-on-Demand PDF document from WebSTAC at any time. Simply log into WebSTAC, select “Academics,” then “Verification” from the menu and proceed as instructed.

Danforth Campus students and alumni may also download the student verification request form (PDF) and mail, email, or fax it to the Office of the University Registrar.  Students must provide a handwritten signature on the form.  Verification request forms submitted to the university registrar are generally processed within two business days. Current enrollment cannot be verified until the semester has begun.

Washington University School of Medicine

Students and alumni of the Washington University School of Medicine and the School of Dental Medicine should contact the Office of the Registrar at the School of Medicine for verification of enrollment, degrees and other certifications.

For verification of medical fellowship and residency programs, please contact the Office of Graduate Medical Education at 314-362-1935. 

Employers & Professional Organizations

The National Student Clearinghouse is WashU’s authorized agent for providing various enrollment-related services, including verification of degrees (pre-employment verifications of degrees or past attendance) and enrollment (verifications of current enrollment).

To obtain degree or enrollment verification for a current or former WashU student, submit a request through the National Student Clearinghouse website.

Verifications for Federal Student Lenders

It is not necessary for students to request enrollment or degree verification from the Office of the University Registrar or the School of Medicine Registrar for federal student loan deferments. The lenders and servicing agencies for federal student loans download this information directly from the NSC on a regular basis.

Note that the anticipated degree date reported by the Clearinghouse to your loan lenders prior to your actual graduation is a calculated value based upon your year in school and enrollment status. They use it to project when you may no longer be in school and entering repayment on your loans.

For additional assistance with student loans, Danforth Campus students and parents may contact Student Financial Services. Medical students should contact the Office of Student Financial Planning at the School of Medicine.

A Note about Full-Time Enrollment Status
Full-time enrollment status is based on the number of units or specific coursework in which the student is enrolled.  For undergraduates, full-time enrollment is generally 12 or more units in that semester. For graduate students in master’s and doctoral programs, full-time enrollment is generally 9 or more units in that semester.

Full-time status can vary by academic program; the student services area in an individual school can provide more detail.