The Student Information System (SIS) is Washington University’s system of record for student data. It is the official record of the university.  The data in SIS is the foundation of students’ educational record and includes detail on each student’s program(s); students, faculty, advisors, parents, guardians, and staff use SIS tools to maintain students’ programs of study, classes and grades, pay bills, process matriculations, and maintain demographic data.  SIS user interfaces include client software for administrative users and a number of web applications designed to meet the needs of specific constituent groups, all of which access SIS data in real time.

SIS interfaces with a number of Washington University enterprise systems, including Canvas, course evaluations, Workday, Habif Health and Wellness Student Portal, and many others.

The Calendar is subject to change per updated guidance on university-wide or school-specific dates.

Course Listings is the publicly accessible web site of the university’s course offering each semester.   Course descriptions and details about specific course sections (instructor, class meeting day and time, location, etc.) are provided as well as search tools and current enrollment information that may be useful during registration.

WebSTAC is the student interface with SIS.  WebSTAC provides students with real-time WUSTL Key protected access to their educational record in SIS.  Within WebSTAC students have the ability to request an official transcript, obtain verification of enrollment or degrees on-demand, register for classes, drop courses, change sections, and print a class schedule as well as see billing and campus housing information and maintain contact information.

WebFAC is the WUSTL Key protected faculty interface with the SIS system.  WebFAC provides teaching faculty with real-time access to class rosters (containing student photos and email tools) for the courses they teach or have taught in prior terms.  Also within WebFAC are tools for faculty advisors and links to EGrades (used by faculty to submit mid-term and final grades), Canvas, Course Evaluations, Course Listings, and Syllabi Central.

WebAdvising is the academic advisor’s interface with SIS. WebAdvising provides authorized advisors with real-time WUSTL Key protected access to the educational records of their advisees, and to a range of advising tools and student Registration Authorization.

SISAdmin and WUCRSL are the client software tools used by CFU administrators and the academic units to maintain student data, course data, programs of study, enrollment functions, Housing records, and Student Accounting data.  Both SISAdmin and WUCRSL were developed in-house by WUIT and receive ongoing enhancements to meet the needs of the university.  Access is limited to select users and is protected by WUSTL Key authentication.

If you have questions about school specific student/course listings policies for SIS and WUCRSL, start by contacting the registrar and dean’s office for your school.