Faculty and academic advisors are recognized as members of the University community having a legitimate educational interest under the law, and so are provided with access to class rosters for the courses they teach though WebFAC and to the academic records of their advisees through WebAdvising and WebFAC.

Administrative access to the SISAdmin and WUCRSL client software is limited to authorized university personnel who have a need to know and/or update the data SIS and WUCRSL contains.  Access is defined in terms of both functionality and ownership.  The SIS reporting database is available for ad hoc reporting to selected CFU administrators and dean’s office personnel.  Individuals wanting access to SISAdmin, WUCRSL and/or the SIS reporting database must complete the SIS Request for Security Authorization form (PDF) and submit it to the University Registrar.  All new users receive personal one-on-one training from a staff member in the Office of the University Registrar; group training and refresher sessions are also offered periodically throughout the year.