Faculty and academic advisors are recognized as members of the University community having a legitimate educational interest under the law, and so are provided with access to class rosters for the courses they teach though WebFAC and to the academic records of their advisees through WebAdvising and WebFAC.

Administrative access to the SISAdmin and WUCRSL client software is limited to authorized university personnel, such as school registrars or department administrators, whose jobs require they update or maintain student or course data, respectively, or need to view such data. Access is therefore provided to users to enable appropriate views/transactions according to these job functions. 

The SIS reporting database is available for ad hoc reporting to selected CFU administrators and dean’s office personnel who support operational or strategic data analysis.

Individuals whose jobs require access as described must complete the SIS Request for Security Authorization form (PDF) and submit it to the Office of the University Registrar, who on behalf of the Provost is the data administrator for the student data domain, the primary business owner for student information systems and custodian of student records.  All requesters must:

  • Use the fillable form linked above and verify that the version of Adobe used to complete it prompts the user to enter a digital signature in the signature fields.
  • Document their job responsibilities that require access to view or transact in student information systems
  • Provide supervisor approval for the access requested
  • Agree to abide by the information security protocols and FERPA requirements as described on the request form.

To allow for more timely processing of requests, both the requester and their direct supervisor must ensure they have signed the form in the fields indicated:

  • Signature of department head or supervisor on page 1 of the form
  • Signature of user on page 2 of the form

Alternatively, handwritten signatures will be accepted as long as the completed form is submitted by either the requester or their supervisor from their WUSTL email address. Forms that do not meet these requirements will be returned to the sender and valid signatures requested.

Requests for access to SIS Admin, WUCRSL and the SIS reporting database will take several days to process; incomplete forms will delay the process. Requestors will be contacted directly with instructions when access is applied and ready to use.

New users are offered system training, which includes FERPA protocols, from a staff member in the Office of the University Registrar; group training and refresher sessions are also offered periodically throughout the year. Expanded FERPA training is regularly offered to the broader community. Because access to and use of student data is regulated by FERPA and the University’s Information Security and Data Governance policies, user records are audited regularly. Users who change roles or responsibilities at the University will be expected to submit new access requests specific to their updated responsibilities.