The Office of the University Registrar (OUR) coordinates academic scheduling. It is significantly involved in facilitating the management of courses and classroom scheduling across much of Washington University’s Danforth Campus.

University-Managed (Pooled) Classrooms

Pooled classrooms are designed to meet the teaching and learning needs of a broad range of academic programs and to provide event space options for the entire Danforth Campus. The Office of the University Registrar schedules all class-related events (classes, evening exams, review sessions, and final exams) in pooled classrooms.

Contact with questions about scheduling class-related events in pooled classrooms.

Classroom Directory

See the classroom directory on the Center for Teaching and Learning’s website for a list of pooled classrooms scheduled by the Office of the University Registrar. 

Classroom Assignment Policy

Pooled classrooms are designed to meet the teaching and learning needs of a broad range of academic programs and to provide event space options for the entire Danforth Campus. Pooled classrooms are assigned by OUR using the university’s classroom scheduling tool–Event Management Software (EMS). The process ensures equitable access and maximizes space utilization. 

Classroom Scheduling Policy

Washington University requires all fall and spring classes scheduled in pooled classrooms to adhere to standard patterns of meeting days and times. Read more about the classroom scheduling policy and approved teaching days and times.

Information Needed for Assigning Pooled Classrooms

The type and number of courses offered at the same time impact classroom assignments, especially those at peak teaching times from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. 

Course information should be correct before it appears in Course Listings to facilitate room assignment processing. Academic departments should collect accurate information from instructors, allowing EMS algorithms to assign a pooled classroom that matches the instructor’s needs. This includes:

  • Day(s) of week
  • Time of day
  • Required seating capacity
  • Seating style: fixed, movable, seminar, auditorium, Active Learning Classroom*
  • Classroom features: audio-visual (AV), wheelchair access

WUCRSL users must enter pooled classroom feature preferences into the Classroom Planning Interface (CPI). Information on the CPI can be found here:

CPI Instructions (PDF)

CPI Course Preferences Report (PDF)

*Requesting an Active Learning Classroom (ALC)

Active Learning Classrooms are student-centered, technology-rich spaces that promote collaborative learning. Requests for an ALC are approved by the Center for Teaching and Learning and scheduled by the Office of the University Registrar. Learn more about ALC options on the Center for Teaching and Learning website. To request an Active Learning Classroom, submit a request here.

Classroom Change Request Policy

Pooled classroom assignments are considered final upon publishing in Course Listings. University policy does not allow requests for a specific pooled classroom except under limited exceptions. Review these exceptions and submit a Pooled Classroom Change Request Form.

  • Human Resources approved classroom accommodation for faculty health reasons. Visit to submit a request.
  • A different seating style is needed; the university cannot guarantee that a pooled classroom with the desired seating style will be available when the course meets.
  • Non-standard specialized features required in the classroom
  • Broken or missing standard equipment/setup

Requesting Pooled Classrooms for Non-Class Related Events

Those who wish to use pooled classrooms for special (non-class) events should review the policy for requesting pooled classrooms on the Event Management website.

Pooled classrooms become available for non-class events two weeks after the start of each new semester and are not available during scheduled university breaks. Requests for pooled classrooms are made at Reserve-A-Space, a resource for students, faculty, and staff to request event space across the Danforth Campus.