Does Washington University in St. Louis mail grade reports to parents?

The university does not mail midterm or final grades to students or to their parents. Grade information is readily available to students online at WebSTAC. Because WebSTAC is a password-protected system, only students themselves are able to look at their grades online. We recommend asking your WashU student to sign on to WebSTAC while home on vacation and show you the grades he or she has received. If your student will not be home soon, ask him or her to send you a grade printout.

Does Washington University have a standard waiver form students can sign that lets administrators speak directly with parents or other designated individuals about the student on any matter?

The university does not have such a standard form. Parents who are having difficulty having meaningful conversations with their WashU students are encouraged to contact the student’s academic advisor about the issue. The advisor may want to engage the parent in a conversation together with the student to explore communication or educational issues. Parents may raise financial matters with a counselor in the Student Financial Services Office.

My employer and insurance companies require proof that my child is attending Washington University in order to continue benefits and get a good driver’s discount. How can they get the proof that they need so that these benefits can continue?

Students may request verification of enrollment from the Office of the University Registrar. Please note that enrollment verifications are not released until the semester has begun.

My child needs to be enrolled full-time in order to receive financial aid and to be eligible for some other benefits. What does it mean to be enrolled full-time?

Full-time enrollment status is based on the number of units in which a student is enrolled. For undergraduates, full-time enrollment is generally 12 or more units each semester (fall and spring). For graduate students in master’s and doctoral programs, full-time enrollment is generally nine or more units each semester. Full-time status can vary by academic program; the student services area in your child’s school can provide more detail if you have additional questions.

My child is going to be out of the country and needs to have some transcripts sent to graduate schools and potential employers. Can I request the transcript for my child?

Students’ transcripts are considered private under FERPA. Therefore, only the student can request that a transcript be sent. Students may request transcripts from anywhere in the world and at any time through WebSTAC; as long as your son or daughter has access to the Internet, he or she will be able to request transcripts.