Students who may miss classes, assignments, or exams to observe religious holidays should refer to the University’s Religious Holiday Absence Policy.

Final Exam Schedule

The dates and times for in-class final exams can be viewed on Course Listings, on class schedules at WebSTAC, and at WebFAC under Courses and Rosters.

When a course has an exam code of No Final, Paper/Project/Take Home, Final Critique, See Department or See Instructor, it means that no in-room sit-down final exam is scheduled during the regular final exam period. Check with your instructor for details about any end-of-term requirements.

Students are encouraged to check their final exam schedule during registration to see how many exams they may have on a given day.  Students should verify final exam dates and times with their instructors before arranging end-of-semester travel plans.

Final examinations will be given in regularly scheduled classrooms when possible. However, students and instructors should always check online for the most current location.

Final exam dates and times can be found on the Final Exam Schedule.

Evening Exam Schedule

Various large courses across the University hold mandatory exams in the evenings.  Courses with evening exams generally include the dates and times of the evening exams in the course description.  It is a student’s responsibility to ensure they do not have conflicts on these exam dates, nor on the dates posted for their final exams.

For a comprehensive list of evening exams, see the Evening Exam Schedule.