Washington University requires all fall and spring classes scheduled in University-managed (Pooled) classrooms to adhere to a standard set of meeting days/times. Courses meeting during approved days/times are beneficial to the University as this ensures:

  • Reduced course time conflicts for students
  • Better matching of room features to instructors’ teaching needs
  • Maximized classroom utilization

If an instructor needs to meet outside standard teaching days/times, a “Petition to Teach at Non-Standard Days/Times” must be submitted by the deadline below.

SU2024: Submit by January 26, 2024

FL2024: Submit by January 26, 2024

If requesting multiple sections of the same course, you must complete a separate petition for each section and/or subsection.

Due to the popularity and limited number of Active Learning Classrooms (ALCs), only courses meeting at standard days/times will be placed in these spaces.

The University Scheduling Review Committee reviews petitions. Approvals are valid for only one semester and are processed after courses meeting at standard days/times have been placed in a classroom.