Washington University in St. Louis requires all fall and spring classes scheduled in university-managed (pooled) classrooms to adhere to a standard set of meeting days and times.

Ensuring that courses meet during approved days/times is beneficial to the university, as it allows for a greater distribution of classes throughout the day, reduces the number of course time conflicts for students, reduces the number of courses that must be capped due to room size, and facilitates better matches of rooms with instructors’ teaching needs. Effective Fall 2019, courses start on the hour or half hour.

Pooled Classroom Course Scheduling Policy (PDF)

Assignment of University-Managed Classrooms

Departments are discouraged from requesting classrooms seating more than 1 ¼ times the enrollment in order to avoid inefficient use of the university-managed classrooms.

Departments are encouraged to spread the times of their classes between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., minimizing the number of classes held during the prime times (10 a.m. to 3 p.m.). This also includes the summer semester

If an instructor needs to meet outside of the standard teaching days/times, a Petition to Teach During Non-Standard Days/Times must be submitted. The university scheduling review committee must approve petitions to teach during non-standard days/times. Please click here to complete the Petition to Teach During Non-Standard Days/Times.

For More Information

To inquire about the scheduling of classes and class-related events, contact pooledclassrooms@wustl.edu.

For special events and non-academic scheduling into university-managed classrooms as well as event scheduling for student organizations, contact the Event Services Office.