Student Body Diversity

Student Body Diversity


Washington University in St. Louis continues to enroll fairly equal numbers of women and men. These percentages hold true for both undergraduate and graduate student populations.

  • 7,174 women enrolled, 50.48% of the student population
  • 7,038 men enrolled, 49.52% of the student population


Over 40% of WUSTL students identify with a nonwhite ethnic or racial group or international population. New federal reporting categories have enabled us to capture more detail on the race and ethnicity of our nonwhite, multiracial and international students.

Among those students reporting racial and ethnic affiliations (noting that students are able to report an affiliation with more than one group):

  • 5.98% are Hispanic or Latino,
  • 0.99% are American Indian or Alaska Native,
  • 30.63% are Asian,
  • 7.73% are black or African American,
  • 0.13% are Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander,
  • 55.60% of our students are white and not multiracial,
  • (7.57% are unreported).

International student enrollment is now 18.43% of our total enrollment.