Your academic transcript is an official document that carries the institutional seal of Washington University in St. Louis and bears the signature of the university registrar. It is printed on security safe paper, which when photocopied will reveal the word “copy” throughout.


Degrees awarded by Washington University will appear on your transcript with the conferral date as well as second majors, minors and certificates that have been completed.

May degrees are posted on the official date of conferral. August and December degrees are posted retroactively, after the schools have certified degree eligibility and the Board of Trustees has approved the final degree list. Generally speaking, transcripts show August degrees in early October and December degrees in late January. Although August and December degrees are posted after the fact, the transcript will reflect the official conferral date.

If necessary, students may contact their dean’s office to obtain official verification of degree or program completion before a degree appears on their transcript.


Your transcript is one integral record and contains all of the Washington University coursework for which you registered or received credit. It contains semester-by-semester entries of courses, starting with the earliest semester and progressing to the most recent. A line and marker indication stating that there are “No entries below this line” will follow the last entry on your transcript.

Credit Hours and Grades

Your transcript will show the number of credit hours for each course and the final grade received. The reverse side of your transcript contains a “key” that provides information on grade interpretation and the grade-point average (GPA) scales WashU uses for a particular school or division.

Latin Honors

The Latin Honors of Summa Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude, and Cum Laude are displayed on the first page of your transcript with the degree earned.

Distinctions, Prizes and Awards

All other honors that have been noted on your academic record will appear at the end of your transcript, after your academic coursework.


Additional information such as A.P. and transfer credits, and notations such as leaves of absence, also appear at the end of your transcript after academic coursework.